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Submissive Pig

A servant for men

Eric has been kneeling fully exposed - naked, caged, freshly shaved - in his dorm room for over five hours. It was humiliating exposing himself that way, his body as bare of hair as if he were a prepubescent little boy, his flaccid cock encased in a plastic cock-cage. But what was infinitely worse was that, during that time, six different classmates had come in and sexually abused him, each one eventually depositing a big load of college-boy spunk up Eric’s over-worked boytwat. Eric didn’t know how many more dudes he’d be expected to service tonight. That would depend on how much more money his roommate, Thad, wanted to raise for his next party.

Thad had been selling his pussy all week, charging $50 a pop. Not that Eric would ever see a dime. No, all that money went to Thad, part of the ‘stud fee’ Thad had been charging him ever since that first night two months ago when Thad raped him and started the process that had turned Eric into Thad’s fuck-bitch. At least when other guys fucked him and paid Thad the money directly, Eric didn’t have to pay for the ‘privilege’ of being fucked. But that seemed small compensation for all the pain and humiliation he was enduring every night as he took cock after cock up his sore and aching ass, or his ‘boypussy’ as Thad made him call it.

College was supposed to be a broadening experience, but so far the only thing that had been broadened was Eric’s well-used rectal channel. And it sure felt to Eric as if his ‘boypussy’ was getting broader and broader with every passing day.

Gets you all hot and horny doesn't it, faggot. Watching the piss start streaming out and I didn't offer to let you drink any. 

“You see baby? Locking your clitty is making your pussy extremely sensitive... your pleasure nerve endings are rerouting to your inner pussy walls now”.